Monday, July 16, 2007

Your finger or your health

I periodically visit local health food stores to answer questions for customers and allow myself an opportunity to become familiar with new products on the shelves. This past Saturday I was approached by a woman looking for advice for her husband. Her story went like this:
My husband has horrible eczema on the index finger of his right hand. It is so bad. It oozes all the time and it extremely painful. Nothing has been able to help him. We have been to all the specialists. And then he had pneumonia and was in the hospital, but that is better... but now he has a horrible ear infection. It never stops. And his finger hurts so bad. They have even suggested cutting off the finger because nothing else helps.
I quickly told her that I didn't think it was necessary. I showed her a few of the common remedies for ecezma and explained how based on the complexity of his health conditions he would benefit most from coming in and seeing me for a complete intake. Her response was that he wouldn't come in because he thought all this stuff was voodoo. Before I could stop myself, I said, "well then, tell him to cut his finger off."
I feel it was a bit of a harsh response, but it wasn't me that suggested cutting the finger off as a legitimate option for the painful eczema on his fingers. We truly do have options when it comes to our health. It is frightening that the overwhelming majority of the population will hardly consider seeking a second or alternative opinion when it comes to choices regarding their health. I do believe this trend is shifting and we are slowly recognizing the power we have in creating our own ideal life. I just hope it is not going to happen too late... 10 fingers seem like a lot to loose.