Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Detox Day 1

I am embarking on a bit of spring cleaning. I sprained my knee about 4 weeks ago and as a result, have forgone exercise and a healthy diet. Instead choosing to occupy my time with the NBA playoffs, cookies and cakes, and beer. (the take home lesson for any patients that may read my blog - try and do what I suggest, not what I do) So now, my knee is not nearly as improved as it should be and I have gained 8 pounds just in time for swimsuit season.

I know better than to have done this, but I did it any way. And now I am 1 day into a 2 week detox to try and get myself moving back in the right direction. There are seemingly endless choices when someone is looking to detox. I am doing my own modification of the 10 day UltraClear diet by Metagenics.


The basic premise of the detox is as follows: Begin removing detrimental foods day by day while simultaneously introducing and increasing the UltraClear detox shake. In the middle of the detox, you are consuming 4 shakes a day, while only eating organic apples, pears, and greens. Then as you work your way out of the detox, you begin to reintroduce foods and decrease the servings of shakes until you are eating the way you want to. I call my detox "modified" because I typically stretch it out over two weeks and fast for one day in the middle.

The basics of the first day are to simply remove all processed and sweetened products from the diet., as well as all meats. No sugars, sweets, alcohol, or caffeine. Dairy and eggs are still allowed.
Today, I am on my second day and the guidelines are to remove the dairy and eggs and begin by having 2 shakes. I like this detox plan because you can eat from the approved list whenever you are hungry, it is not a fast.

I will try and continue to post on my blog as I navigate my way back to a more structured lifestyle and the feelings of health that I am looking for.

**No body should begin a detox of fast without first seeking direction from a qualified medical professional.