Friday, May 8, 2009

Annual check ups

It is a really good idea to see your PCP doc at least once a year. In addition to establishing the individual baselines as far as labs go and doing the basic preventative screening, it puts you in front of your doctor who sees probably thousands of patients a year and helps build that point of contact for you individually. It is a really good thing to have if anything ever comes up that truly needs emergency medical attention. Even though the conventional crew doesn't necessarily have the same ideals as we might regarding our own health and a more holistic approach to dis-ease prevention, they are still a very valuable part of our health care system. And to truly be proactive for our own health, we need to have a solid relationship with those people we may need to depend on outside of ourselves.

If you haven't had your annual PCP visit this year, please call and make an appointment ASAP.