Friday, May 23, 2008

bHIP energy

bHIP energy… the product
Peter Swanz, ND, FHANP

*bHIP energy makes no medicinal or health claims. It is simply, in my opinion, a healthier alternative to the plethora of sugar and stimulant laden drinks that are dominating the energy drink market. bHIP energy is not a health supplement or medicinal food, it is an energy drink only.

Based on the current trends in the energy drink market, particularly with young adults, it is vital that there are alternatives to the products that dominate the market. I believe bHIP to be such a product.

If you have any questions about bHIP or wonder if it may be a better alternative to the products your friends or family are already using, please contact me at my office 617-388-5126.

Vitamin C – function of Vitamin C: Collagen synthesis, Norepinephrine synthesis, aids in absorption of iron, supports steroid hormone synthesis, antioxidant, drug metabolism and detoxification, carnitine synthesis, degradation of cholesterol, regulates cellular humoral immune function and increase macrophage activity, cancer prevention, activates certain vitamins into their active forms, and antihistamine effects at doses over 6 to 8 grams per day. (Marz, Russell, ND. Medical Nutrition from Marz 2nd ed. 1999. p. 236-237.)

Niacin – Is a conenzyme for the dehydrogenases, which are responsible for innumerable biochemical reactions in the body including detoxifying alcohol and utilizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. (Marz, Russell, ND. Medical Nutrition from Marz 2nd ed. 1999. p. 201.)

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – vital for multiple biochemical reactions in the body, including the synthesis or of the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and histamine. (Marz, Russell, ND. Medical Nutrition from Marz 2nd ed. 1999. p. 211.)

Folic Acid – facilitates the synthesis of purines (required for growth and protein building), essential for the formation and maturation of red and white blood cells, crucial for rapidly multiplying cells (stomach, intestines, vagina, and cervix. (Marz, Russell, ND. Medical Nutrition from Marz 2nd ed. 1999. p. 226-227.)

Vitamin B12 – absolutely required for the healthy synthesis of DNA. Also involved in carbohydrate metabolism. (Marz, Russell, ND. Medical Nutrition from Marz 2nd ed. 1999. p. 220-221.)

Maltodextrin (fibersol 2) - soluble dietary fiber, Studies on Fibersol-2 have explored its health properties, including effects on the digestive tract and blood glucose and cholesterol levels; subjects also had significantly increased proportions of bifidobacteria in intestinal microflora. (

Amino Acids (taurine, lysine*, arginine, glutamine, glycine, tyrosine, leucine*, isoleucine*, valine*) * essential amino acids in bold

Malic Acid – provides the tartness in many sweet and tart candies. Malic acid also helps support the body with energy production especially during low oxygen situations (hypoxic energy production)

Guarana Extract – 480 mg of guarana per bHIP packet. Guarana averages between 3 and 10% of caffeine equivalent, so bHIP energy at the upper end of the spectrum may contain 48 mg of caffeine per packet, less than an 8 oz cup of coffee which averages 50 to 60 mg of caffeine per serving. Guarana has been shown in numerous research studies to improve cognition and memory, it increases energy, and along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen can support healthy weight loss. As with any caffeine containing product, excess consumption can contribute to tachycardia (increased heart rate). Guarana containing products should not be used in conjunction with products containing ephedra or by patients using amphetamines.

Green Tea Leaf Extract - in addition to its anti-oxidant properties, green tea contains theanine which is a relaxing amino acid that can help support users through times of stress.
Recent human studies suggest that green tea may contribute to a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer, as well as to the promotion of oral health and other physiological functions such as anti-hypertensive effect, body weight control, antibacterial and antivirasic activity, solar ultraviolet protection, bone mineral density increase, anti-fibrotic properties, and neuroprotective power. Beneficial effects of green tea--a review. J Am Coll Nutr. 2006; 25(2):79-99 (ISSN: 0731-5724)

Ginseng Root Extract – adaptogenic, tonic

Maca Root Extract – adaptogenic, tonic

Quebracho Extract - Tonic, febrifuge, and anti-asthmatic (asthmatic support has been shown to be effective cumulatively over a period of time by decreasing frequency of the attacks… not for acute paroxysms) (

White Willow Bark Extract- effective as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidant, fever-reducing, antiseptic, and immune-boosting properties. (
Glucoronolactone - A substance produced in the liver during the metabolism of glucose. It is a smaller molecule than glucose and may therefore be absorbed into tissues at a faster rate. This may explain, in part, its effect as a stimulant. Glucoronolactone has been also touted to support memory retention, concentration, and may play a role in countering depression. (
Acai Berry Extract – antioxidant and flavoring

Mandarin Extract - antioxidant and flavoring

Orange Extract - antioxidant and flavoring

Aloe Vera Concentrate - latex from the inner lining of the leaf has traditionally been used as an oral laxative, the gel is a demulcent and is healing to wounds and the skin. (

Maltodextrose – easily utilized sugar and energy source

Fructose – easily utilized sugar and energy source

Stevia - body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides from the stevia leaf or any of its processed forms - so there is no caloric intake. Stevia doesn't adversely affect blood glucose levels and may be used freely by diabetics. (

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring Clean with Greens at the Co-op

Get Your Green Smoothie on at SPRING CLEAN WITH GREENS.

Tuesday, May 27, 6-7pm, Harvest Co-op 581 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139

Please join Jeanette in this interactive workshop where she will talk about the missing food in the majority of people's diets: greens.

Participants will learn how to make a yummy green smoothie, and discuss how greens can increase our energy, help us understand cravings, and inspire us to create optimal balance in our lives! We will also touch on seasonal eating, exercise, and preventative steps we can take to stay healthy and feel energized.

Complimentary Green Smoothies will be provided!

For more information on this event, please contact Jeanette Richelson, Holistic Health Counselor(Institute for Integrative Nutrition): 617-645-6757, or or simply visit