Monday, May 21, 2007

Big change happening

I have not posted for almost 2 weeks. My life has been full of turmoil, as they often can be, and I just have not been able to get to my blog. But as I begin to see my way through the chaos, I am relieved and inspired by what my future may hold. New growth and possibilities are more vivid after the storm.
And my new future is bringing my Naturopathic/Homeopathic practice across the Charles River to Cambridge, which fortune has also made my home town. I am leaving the comfort of the Brookline location after one excellent year and embarking on my own journey. The time is right. So I have elected to take the necessary steps in order to continue to serve the patients I have grown so fond of with the kind of holistic care they are entitled to. I look forward to seeing faces, new and old at my new office starting in June, 2007. Thanks for everything.

Vital Force Naturopathy
46 Pearl Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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