Friday, August 10, 2007

The eye of the storm

Life can often swirl around us like a hurricane. Stress from work, home, and family creating havoc all around. These forces are very real and significant, yet we need not be carried away with the storm. There is a area of refuge in the center of the storm, a place of safety and perspective where we can stand quietly in the midst of chaos and observe as a participant of our lives; yet slightly removed from the turmoil. This is a vastly different approach than fleeing from our problems. It often requires patience and mindfulness to be still while life unfolds around you and eventually opens to leave you in this center.

Our dis-ease can also can also come flying at us from all directions, creating a fear that our health will be swept away. Like the hurricane, there is a space of clarity and peace in the middle, when we are part of our illness, yet quiet enough to evaluate our options. This is where and when we should make decisions about our health and treatments to move us further back to that lofty goal of wellness. Too often, when significant health decisions must be made there is an urgency that creeps in. When "there is no time to think", we literally make choices for ourselves and our families without thought.

My hope is that during the next life catastrophe we can take one extra breath, close our eyes, and open them during the clarity that comes from giving ourselves just enough leeway to move free of all the flying debris.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this one. It will take a few more reads and a lot of thought, but I feel it is worth being shared. Well said Dr. Swanz. -Maeshowe Tollefson- Naturopathic Student at National College of Natural Medicine