Thursday, April 12, 2007

Allergy Remedies Continued

Four more very common homeopathic allergy remedies.

Pulsatilla – Thick, profuse, yellow, bland discharges from the eyes, much better in open air. Lids will often become agglutinated. Eyes are typically itchy. Frequent sneezing with sore nostrils. Yellowish-green discharge from the nose, worse indoors and better in open air. Sinus congestion can often contribute to a frontal headache with a pale face. Nose can also be itchy. Typically thirstless with all complaints and wants to be uncovered.

Euphrasia – Profuse acrid lachrymation and bland nasal coryza. The eyes water all the time. Aversion to light. Most symptoms are worse during the night and in the morning. Symptoms are better in open air. Better with wiping the eyes.

Sabadilla – Eyelids red, burning. Lachrymation on going into open air accompanied by spasmodic sneezing and running nose. Persistent, violent sneezing and itching of the nose. Nose very dry. Nose sensitive to odors, like fresh flowers, etc.

Silicea – Painful dryness of eyes, may be worse in morning. Itching at tip of nose. Dry, hard crusts form in nose that bleed when loosened. Troublesome itching and feeling of dryness in the nose. Better from warmth.

*information synthesised from the Concordant Materia Medica, by Frans Vermeulen

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